Fostering a Culture of Coaching and Mentoring in the Financial Sector

CoachBase October 17, 2023

Client: International Financial Services firm 

Context: With the goal of fostering a robust coaching and mentoring culture to enhance their business growth, the client aspired to provide volunteering employees at various tiers, encompassing leaders, managers, and individual contributors, the opportunity to unleash their complete potential via coaching, in alignment with the organization's overarching mission.


  1. Enhance the existing roster of internal coaches with CoachBase Coaches
  2. Cultivate the coaching capabilities of employees/ internal coaches
  3. Establish a cohesive coaching platform and pathway


To meet the client’s objectives, CoachBase:

  • Grants entry to a curated group of trained and certified coaches chosen to collaborate with the client's staff, simultaneously guiding the integration of the client's internal coaches via their platform during onboarding.
  • Presents employees the opportunity to partake in ICF-certified coaching training while refining their abilities.
  • Provides access to its digital coaching platform and tools. The comprehensive coaching journey is overseen by the CoachBase platform, working closely with the client to ensure their requirements are fulfilled.


  • Consistent Coaching Experience: Every employee has access to a standardized coaching journey.
  • Fostered Professional Growth: CoachBase's coaching encompassed leadership, career advancement, skill enhancement, mental health, and well-being, with employees taking the lead in shaping the coaching agenda.
  • Improvement of the level of engagement within the firm


In summary, CoachBase's coaching program had a positive impact on an International Financial Services firm by helping them achieve their goal of promoting a strong coaching and mentoring culture. They were able to improve the number and skills of their internal coaches, develop their employees' coaching abilities, and establish a cohesive coaching platform and path. As a result, every employee had a consistent coaching experience, experienced professional growth in different areas, and the firm saw an increase in engagement levels. This highlights the effectiveness of CoachBase's approach in unlocking employees' full potential and aligning with the organization's overall mission.