Group Coaching in the Education Sector

CoachBase November 14, 2023

Group coaching workshops for a tier-one international business school in APAC

Context & Objectives

The School had a goal to elevate the promotion of its brand and education services. In pursuit of this objective, the primary focus of this engagement was:

  1. To create specialized workshops tailored for groups of 40 Master Students. These workshops would employ a coaching approach to not only guide and empower students but also equip them with the knowledge and understanding necessary to thrive in the highly competitive job markets of Southeast Asia.
  2. Additionally, these workshops aimed to support students in making informed decisions about their career paths.



To meet the client’s objectives, CoachBase:


  • Requirements gathering with key stakeholders through interviews
  • Conduct extensive job market research across 3 markets: Singapore, Indonesia, and Thailand


  • Workshop handouts with a coaching approach 


  • Dry run with panelists
  • Live coaching workshops



The outcomes include:

  • Equipping Students with a deeper understanding of the skills, competencies, and strategies needed for success in the highly competitive job markets of Southeast Asia, giving them a competitive advantage.
  • Supporting informed career decisions: Assisting students in making well-informed decisions regarding their career paths, ensuring alignment with their aspirations and market demands.
  • Enhancing the School’s brand and education services by delivering valuable, hands-on support to Master Students, preparing them for successful careers, and facilitating informed decisions about their professional development.