Krishna Chetti

Krishna Chetti0-5 Years Exp. - Advanced Coach

Summit, US
Executive Masters in Coaching & Consulting for Change (Insead, with DIstinction)
Executive Coaching, Career Growth & Transition, Business & Entrepreneurship
Executive Coaching, Career, Growth
Spoken Languages
English, French

Full Bio

In my current role of Executive Coach and Behavioural Risk Consultant, I bring 30 years of diversified global banking experience in leadership and executive roles and a deep understanding of business, people and risk. My career has consistently been marked by major transformations I initiated and led in 3 areas:

  • Business Strategy: set up and led as founding CEO a new bank in Malaysia; initiated and led the setting up of a Wealth Management business in Thailand;
  • People Development: built and led a team of 100+ people in Malaysia; manager-coach of newly set up regional teams in APAC; set up an impactful People Development unit in Wealth Management APAC
  • Risk Management: set up and led a risk division in Mauritius; set up and led the first line of defense for BNP Paribas Wealth Management APAC

My deep belief that sustainable change happens when one earnestly addresses root causes, instead of merely getting at symptoms brought me to undertake an Executive Masters in Consulting and Coaching for Change (focusing on psychodynamics) at INSEAD in 2017, culminating in my research thesis on misconduct in private banking, which I have since integrated in my work.

I have deepened my coaching practice over the last 5 years, now reaching close to 250 hours of coaching. This includes 25 hrs of volunteer coaching during his ACSTH in 2017, team psychodynamic coaching with Insead (2017-19), 40 hrs coaching global executives with a focus on business, organisation and career transition after my Level 2 certification in 2023. I have also led initiatives to bring leadership development programs in my organisation where I was a decision maker on the hiring of coaches and on defining the expected outcomes from a business perspective. I am able to integrate both the psychodynamic approach and a strong business perspective to coaching.

In addition to the thrill of moving to New York, I am enjoying the opportunity of focusing on areas that I am passionate about as an executive coach and a behavioural risk consultant and I look forward to supporting leaders and organisations in their growth and change ambitions. 

$100.00 USD / hour