Digital Coaching Platform for a Leading Fintech Globally

CoachBase April 17, 2024

Context & Objectives 

The client, a prominent fintech firm, is headquartered in Singapore with regional offices spanning across Europe, the United States, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. In alignment with their mission to foster professional development, the client sought to partner with a coaching platform.

Their objective was to offer unlimited one-to-one online coaching to a carefully selected group of 70 managers worldwide for 6 months.

To facilitate this initiative, the engagement entails implementing the coaching program for the designated employee group across diverse global locations.



To meet the client’s objectives, CoachBase:

  1. Provided access to a selected international pool of trained and certified coaches, tailored to collaborate with the client’s employees through our digital coaching platform. The entire coaching journey was managed by CoachBase in partnership with the client.
  2. Offered N+1 level personnel the opportunity to provide input on employee coaching goals at the beginning of the coaching process. This was facilitated through three-party meetings involving the Manager, employee, and Coach.
  3. Oversaw the entire onboarding process and promoted the project across various platforms and channels. We provided access to our digital dashboard tools for dynamic progress analytics and success measurements. Additionally, we delivered regular reports to the management team.



The outcomes includes:

  1. Leadership development and team management rank as the top two goals, with progress surging by 256% five months into the project.
  2. 89% express satisfaction or high satisfaction with the coaching program.
  3. Coaches receive an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 from employees.