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Embark on a journey of transformation and manifest the positive changes you want in your personal and/or professional life through coaching. Our tailored search solution will curate a list of Coaches aligned with your goals, spanning across executive, career, business, life, mental health, or wellness coaching. Finding your Coach and seamlessly scheduling sessions has never been easier than with CoachBase!

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Coaching for Businesses & Organizations

We provide coaching services across a wide range of topics to develop talents, unlock change, and increase overall organizational performance. Our expertise ensures you are matched with the right Coach(es). Furthermore, we design and implement tailored, measurable and scalable coaching programs that span from the C-Suite to all levels of the hierarchy, powered by technology.

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Coaching for Businesses & Organizations
Be Coached by a Trainee Coach

Be Coached by a Trainee Coach

CoachBase provides opportunities to Trainee Coaches to practice with Clients and for Clients to experience the power of coaching at an affordable fee of USD 130 for 4 sessions or USD 200 for 8 sessions, each lasting 60 minutes. Trainee Coaches are in the process of completing or have recently completed their coach training but feel that they need more experience prior to practicing as a professional Coach.

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CoachBase has been created by Coaches and Psychologists with digital expertise to provide a differentiating experience for Coaches and Clients worldwide.
Coach Base

Types of Coaching
for Individuals

Types of Coaching
for Businesses & Organizations

1Executive Leadership Development; Strategic Thinking and Decision Making; Effective Communication and Influence; Building High-Performing Executive Teams; Leading Through Change and Uncertainty; Executive Presence and Personal Branding; Coaching and Mentoring; Emotional Intelligence and Social Intelligence; Stakeholder Management and Relationship Building; Balancing Work and Life

2Leadership Development; Effective Communication Strategies; Conflict Resolution and Negotiation Skills; Time Management and Prioritization; Building/Managing High-Performing Teams; Emotional Intelligence; Strategic Thinking and Decision Making; Change Management; Coaching and Mentoring Skills; Building Resilience and Managing Stress

Positive Impact
of Coaching

Coaching works! Coaching has a positive impact on personal and professional growth, enhancing skills and fostering meaningful change. Here’s the evidence, quantified by numbers.

Most people who have undergone coaching express satisfaction with the experience
Return on Expectations (communication skills, self-esteem and confidence, work-life balance, productivity, well-being, individual and team performance)
Coaching has a positive impact on change management, helping individuals navigate transitions and embrace new strategies effectively
Organizations imbued with a robust coaching culture are over twice as likely to emerge as high-performing organizations
Journey for Individuals
Journey for Organizations

Benefits of CoachBase

CoachBase offers a multitude of benefits, facilitating a seamless and impactful coaching experience.

Global Pool of Top Coaches
Advanced Matching Algorithm
Free introductory sessions
Real Time Booking
Coaching on Zoom or Google Meet
Business Intelligence & Reporting
Scalable Talent Development Platform
Technology Powered
24/7 Access
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We are a high-growth global coaching platform with a global network of professional Coaches trained and certified (ICF or equivalent standards) to accompany you throughout time zones and cultures.

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