Leadership Team Coaching Transformation for a Retail Company

CoachBase June 20, 2024

Context & Objectives:

The client, a leading retail company, faced challenges with cross-functional collaboration and decision-making inefficiencies that were impacting overall performance. To address these issues, the company aimed to enhance the cohesion, collaboration, and strategic alignment of its leadership team. The primary objectives were to foster stronger relationships and cohesive teamwork among the leadership team, improve cross-functional collaboration efficiencies, and enhance decision-making processes to achieve desired outcomes.



A. Leadership Team Coaching

The coaching engagement began with a pre-coaching 360 questionnaire to gather comprehensive feedback and identify key areas for improvement. An experienced ICF Leadership Team Coach, certified as an MCC and Systemic Team Coach, facilitated the process. The coach's background includes enhancing team cohesion and strategic alignment within multinational firms.

The format included shadow coaching of a leadership meeting to observe team dynamics, a full day on-site team coaching session to address immediate challenges, and follow-up sessions to assess progress and consolidate learning. 


B. Individual Leadership Coaching

This component consisted of personalized online coaching sessions over a period of six to twelve months. Conducted by senior coaches, the approach was flexible and non-directive, tailored to each leader’s needs, aiming to foster accountability, consolidate learning from team coaching, ensure progress, and support individual challenges.



The coaching program led to significant improvements in team cohesion, with enhanced relationships and more effective teamwork and collaboration among the leadership team. Cross-functional collaboration efficiencies were streamlined, resulting in better organizational alignment and performance. Decision-making processes became more effective and timely. Additionally, individual leaders reported increased self-awareness, accountability, and practical application of coaching insights in their roles.

The Leadership Team Coaching Transformation successfully met its objectives, delivering sustainable benefits. The combined approach of team and individual coaching, facilitated by experienced ICF-certified coaches and supported by thorough assessment and feedback mechanisms, proved highly effective in addressing the client’s challenges and driving organizational growth.



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