CoachBase enables Clients to find a Coach anywhere in the world and schedule online sessions.

Everyone can now experience the power of coaching via our Be Coached by a Trainee Coach offering accessible at a more affordable fee.

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Cultivate Professional Excellence

Coaches on CoachBase have passed an interview and/or verification process. They are all trained and/or certified in coaching (ICF or equivalent standards) or psychology.

We are also continuously monitoring Client feedback to ensure quality of coaching.

Help Young Coaches to Grow

Our coaching offer with a Trainee Coach offering enables young Coaches to practice and coach external clients wanting to experience coaching at an affordable fee.

Our peer-to-peer coaching offering enables Coaches to build their coaching hours log and practice with other Coaches in a safe environment.

Zero Tolerance for Discrimination

From the review process, we make sure Coaches on CoachBase comply with our zero tolerance policy against any sorts of discrimination such as age, race, gender expression, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, national origin, disability or military status.

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