Getting From Here To There

1 year ago
Career Growth & Transition

Many people asked me recently about my massive leap in recent years from being a data enthusiast into being a professional coach. The most curious common question is, "How did you do that?" I remember I said many times it's a long process for me to get here, and that's not it yet. Although, as I reflected, I couldn't see a "start line" either. I never acknowledged that start line, or maybe it simply didn't exist. It's not like an idea suddenly popped into my head that I wanted to have a career switch! And, of course, there are a lot of pushes from people around me to get me out to do what I'm doing now. Tremendous gratitude for the people whom I've met on this journey of becoming!

The #quietquitting, #quiethiring, and #quietfiring buzz are everywhere on social media hashtags. The first time I saw that word, I laughed at it and thought. That was a courageous moment of that teacher who created that phrase, which has become an internet sensation now! It takes courage to start whatever idea you may have in your mind. It turns that into a passionately profitable business!

Me, I started my coaching journey and only wanted to be a better communicator. Too many chattering voices in my head weren't constructive for me in the past when communicating with people. So I learn empathy through coaching conversations, acceptance through coaching, and about differences through coaching, for many hours soaking into coaching drills, again and again, taking in clients again and again. I realised one thing: there is a formula for success in turning a simple want or #idea into something #profitable!

So, to get sales in for the business requires me to #speakup and #showup. Like, hell, a lot of speaking and showing up! Like literally plaster my face everywhere online, offline and everywhere! Suddenly I realised it was back to square one of being a better #communicator! How funny things seem to point back to the same place, again and again, no matter how I progress!
So here you go, the #secret of #success...

ACT of #Courage 
Step up, show up and speak up - these are movements! It requires your body parts to move. I use my leg to stand up and my mouth to speak! It's that simple. I do notice a fine line between sitting there thinking about courage and having that courage already. Let me share with you that secret, courage is IN the leap on top of this fine line! Courage is an act of showing up despite the unknown outcome. I'm sure you may not know the result when you take the leap, and I'm sure you will land somewhere! WARNING: watch out for what is chattering in your mind right now. Hang on there, put it aside, and continue to read...

ACT of #Commitment 
After the courage to take the leap, and when you land. That's when you are going to be tested again. Are you committed to taking another leap? another step? Commitment is an act, not a thought. You act on your commitment and not thinking about commitment. So, what is the one step that you can do now? WARNING: Stop planning for the entire year while you have not mastered the commitment for ONE SINGLE SMALL STEP! 

Commitment is an act, not a word. 
- Jean-Paul Sartre

ACT of #Consistency 
Being Consistent is an act, so you got to keep doing it. Are you STILL taking that one small step now? In consistently taking that step, refining the process and steering the direction are also essential (we'll discuss it later). WARNING: watch out for a premature stop of the action! The bottleneck usually doesn't appear on the 1st try when taking a small step, don't let your mind fool you and fall back into your comfort zone! 

The willingness to show up changes us, It makes us a little braver each time. 
- Brene Brown

I used to choke at courage for a very long time. Then, I realised a lot of us are masters of our minds. People just love to chat about what mindset works best for success. MOVE YOUR BODY and #ACT. That's when you will see actual physical, touchable, feelable results like the money in your bank account, the great hug with your loved ones, and the six packs you've been dreaming about! 

So success is merely a #direction when you act on the courage to #leap, commit to another step, and consistently take one more action.