Annie Morgis

Annie Morgis5-10 Years Exp. - Associate Coach

Subang Jaya, MY
Executive Coaching, Career Growth & Transition, Life & Fulfilment
Leadership, Empowerment, Authentic Self, Personal Development
Spoken Languages
English, Malay

Full Bio

Intentional, mindful leadership is an urgent necessity in today’s world. My work focuses on helping my clients to realize their authentic self and find fulfilment for themselves and the people that they lead.

I am passionate about uncovering and releasing the potential in individuals for teams and organizations through development and capability building. Having worked with multiple organizations, from various industries and individuals, I have seen the impact of Training and Coaching on them. With almost twenty years of local and international corporate experience, I have both the insight into and firsthand experience of the pressures and challenges leaders and team members in busy and volatile working environment face.

My Approach:
I believe in a humanistic approach in supporting individuals/teams in learning how to relate and communicate in ways that enable them to overcome challenges, discover new ways to lead and manage, and cultivate deeper trust withing their organizations. My approach is based upon being mindful of, open to and curious about our own blind spots, strengths, and gaps so that we can partner and lead from a place of openness and honesty. Tools, models and exercises provide a platform for discussion, with the “deeper” evolving from an environment of safety and openness in which people can put their conflicting views on the table without fear of reprisal.

When we learn to foster an environment in which people can bring forth the best of what they have to offer and can learn to leverage the diversity within the group, the team’s full potential can be realized. My expertise is in creating a ‘safe space’ there that can happen, and facilitating the discussions with sensitivity, grace and accountability.

$100.00 USD / hour