Beljeet Singh

Beljeet Singh5-10 Years Exp. - Advanced Coach

Hobart, AU
ICF PCC, 1. LIFE COACHING ACADEMY - ICF ACTP Certified Professional Coach Certificate IV in Life Coaching, Life Coaching - 2017 – 2019 2. JEVON DANGELI - Licensed Authentic Self-Empowerment Facilitator, Life Coaching - 2018 – 2020 3. TONY BUZAN INTERNATIONAL Ltd – Certificate of Accreditation Tony Buzan Certified Practitioner in Mind Mapping – 2019 4. mBIT INTERNATIONAL, Certified mBIT Coach (multiple Brain integration techniques) – Oct 2019 5. SIX SECONDS – Certificate of Completion, Unlocking EQ - Sept 2021 6. SIX SECONDS - EQ Accessor Certification, Professional Training & Coaching - Sep 2020 - Sep 2020 7. SIX SECONDS - EQ Practitioner Certificate, Professional Training & Coaching - Oct 2020 - Oct 2020 8. MENTAL HEALTH FIRST AID AUSTRALIA Certificate, Mental Health First Aider - Sep 2021 - Sep 2021 9. SIX SECONDS - Brain Profiler Certification - Mar 2022 - Mar 2022 10. MODERN HEALTH, Certificate of completion for Mental Health Coaching – Jan 2023 11. COACHHUB – Digital coaching Certificate, Certified CoachHub Coach – April 2023
Executive Coaching, Career Growth & Transition, Life & Fulfilment
Confidence, Work Performance, Stress & Anxiety, Burnout, Relationships
Spoken Languages
English, Malay, Punjabi

Full Bio

About Me: Beljeet is a seasoned coach with over 30 years of management experience across diverse industries. Her extensive background has equipped her with invaluable insights into leadership and personal development. Throughout her career journey, Beljeet has been deeply committed to fostering self-expression and self-worth in individuals. Her passion lies in empowering others to embrace their unique stories and unlock their full potential.



  1. "Beljeet helped me discover my beliefs, adjust my behavior to reach my potential, and boost my confidence and self-esteem. Highly Recommended!"
  2. "Beljeet's sessions have transformed my career & relationships by shifting my thought process & perspective. From low self-esteem to empowerment!"
  3. "Beljeet is a skilled compassionate coach with the ability to comprehend complex situations. Her questions inspire enhanced self-awareness & growth."

Work Experience:

  • Consumer Services Manager, Nestle (Nov 2005 - Jun 2015)
  • Independent Business Owner, Axis Concepts (Jun 2003 - Jun 2004)
  • Product Development Consultant/Marketing Manager, Health Manna & Nutriwise (Aug 2000 - Jun 2002)
  • Senior Product Manager/Business Development Manager, Herbal Revival (Jul 1999 - Jul 2000)
  • Group Product Manager, Avon Cosmetics (Apr 1993 - Sep 1998)

Coaching Experience: With over 5 years of coaching experience and more than 700 hours dedicated to coaching individuals and teams, Beljeet is deeply committed to helping clients achieve their goals. She specializes in guiding individuals to overcome self-doubt, gain self-belief, and cultivate self-control using a holistic approach rooted in emotional intelligence, positive psychology, and mBraining methodologies.


Focus Areas: Beljeet's coaching focuses on navigating emotions, discovering grounded confidence, optimizing inner strength, and strengthening relationships. She excels in helping clients shift from approval addiction to self-assurance and from emotional overwhelm to inspiring self-control. Beljeet firmly believes in breaking the cycle of fear of failure, guiding individuals to embrace challenges and live an unstoppable life.


$110.00 USD / hour