Katie Adriano

Katie Adriano0-5 Years Exp. - Associate Coach

Taguig, PH
ICF ACC, Certified Diversity Coach, Certified Executive Coach, Certified MentorCoach®
Executive Coaching, Life & Fulfilment, Wellness
Diversity And Inclusion, Diversity Coach, Diversity Equity Inclusion And Belonging, DEI
Spoken Languages
Tagalog, English

Full Bio

I’m passionate about creating spaces where embracing differences and inclusion become second nature.


I remember talking to my friend Olivia. Her unfortunate coaching experience unfolded as she vulnerably shared a key aspect of her personality, only to have it dismissed. The aftermath? A sense of being overlooked, misunderstood, and unheard—leaving her unwilling to continue her relationship with that coach.


How often have we bared a layer of our uniqueness, only to be met with the same disregard? And that’s when I knew I was onto something.


Now, I help organizations, communities, and individuals create spaces for courageous conversations where all voices are heard, differences are celebrated, and everyone feels confident, empowered, and connected.


Ms. Katie J. Adriano is dedicated to shaping a world where coaching, deeply rooted in diversity and inclusion, becomes a cornerstone for creating safe and inclusive spaces that drive positive and profound human impact.


As a catalyst for transformative change, Ms. Adriano draws on over 20 years of rich experience spanning various industries, roles, and functions. Her diverse clientele includes emerging adults (students), fellow coaches, business owners, and corporate executives from Europe, North America, and Asia.


Ms. Adriano's extensive background in People Development, Learning and Development, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Customer Service, and Operations Management, coupled with her experience working with multicultural teams across several geographies, informs her unique approach to her programs, coaching sessions, and other engagements.


Under Ms. Adriano's guidance, clients embark on transformative journeys, creating lasting change in their lives and communities and bringing a profound sense of fulfillment.


Currently serving as a Global DEIB Volunteer Facilitator at the International Coaching Federation (ICF) and the pioneering Director of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) for the ICF Philippines Charter Chapter, Ms. Adriano invites you to join her in creating safe and inclusive spaces for impactful transformation.


Ms. Adriano is a Certified Coach by the International Coaching Federation (ACC) and a Certified Diversity and Inclusion Professional from HR University. Her credentials include certifications as a Diversity Coach by Coaching Out of The Box®, a MentorCoach®, and an Executive Coach by MentorCoach®LLC. She has further enriched her knowledge with MentorCoach® Coaching Education Units in Positive Psychology and Health and Wellness Interventions and has completed online certificate courses in Positive Psychology.


Ms. Adriano is also a Certified and Licensed Trainer for *Embracing Diversity in YOUR Coaching (A Certified Diversity Coach program), Talk DEIB, and Leading with Diversity through P.A.L. Coaching & Consulting.


*The Certified Diversity Coach program is made available through Coaching Out of the Box®.

$165.00 USD / hour