Lynn Lee

Lynn Lee0-5 Years Exp. - Associate Coach

Singapore, SG
ICF ACC, Enneagram
Executive Coaching, Career Growth & Transition, Life & Fulfilment
Growth, Inner Development, Purpose, Values, Well Being
Spoken Languages

Full Bio

Lynn is a seasoned global HR leader whose journey spans over two decades within a multinational corporation. Throughout her career, she has navigated diverse realms of talent management and development, championed diversity and inclusion initiatives, optimized compensation and benefits structures, facilitated talent mobility, and tackled the complexities of cross-border taxation. 


But Lynn's professional prowess is just one facet of her identity. At her core, she embodies a philosophy rooted in purpose, driven by values of curiosity, courage, and compassion—integrating intellect, emotion, and action seamlessly. 


With a profound belief in inner growth and development, Lynn's coaching methodology delves deep into fostering vertical development, empowering individuals to transcend limitations and reach new heights. Certified as an Enneagram practitioner, she brings a holistic approach to guiding others towards self-awareness and personal transformation.

$200.00 USD / hour