Rajeeb Rashid

Rajeeb Rashid0-5 Years Exp. - Associate Coach

Aberdeen, HK
NBC-HWC (US National Board), HOGAN Certified, Behavioural Health, Compassion focused, Telehealth Care Coaching
Career Growth & Transition, Life & Fulfilment, Wellness
Meaning & Purpose, Stress & Mental Anxiety, Behavioural Change, Transition
Spoken Languages
English, Bengali/Bangla

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We are whole, resourceful and able human beings; when we feel a disconnect, could be obvious or vague, we stay unsettled unless we do something about it or make a sense of it. We find ourselves often ambivalent, may be looking for someone to talk to and clear our head around the next step. When you are at that situation, you may want to give yourself a chance to explore coaching. Coaching might be the best way forward.


I am a change management professional and a performance coach; trained extensively in coaching individuals and groups, across overall human wellness aspects such as health, study, career, transition, dilemma or relational conflicts. 

Clients speak to me- 


  • - when they are prescribed by a medical practitioner with a treatment protocol, they may feel overwhelmed and unsure about making the change;
  • -or say someone who takes care of others and in the process may feel a need to care about herself and just doesn’t know where to start;
  • - you are in a transition, finding yourself in a crossroad and unsure about the options available for you
  • - there might be a change or may be a dilemma and it is stressful, distracting, too many options or may be we can’t see any, a random example could be you hiring a team, or promoting one and the whole process may appear too stressful!


  • - finding ourselves in a new identity may be- becoming an adult; in a new relationship; becoming a parent; becoming manager of a team, a new assignment, a new status; any of that could be nerve breaking!
  • - you are hiring but want to assess a candidate's personality, strengths, behavior, especially while facing challenges


  • - we often want to simply speak to someone to clear our head on matters that are important, someone who is neutral, who can assure privacy and confidentiality and offers a safe environment.


I offer cost free coaching; you may book sometime to speak with me and see how you feel about it. You may want to check what my previous clients are saying about their experience in CoachBase, LinkedIn. Even when we do not get the opportunity to speak, I wish all the best!

  • Coaching experience:
  • - Change, Operations & People management 20+ years in MNCs
  • - 250+ hours of coaching practice
  • - 1:1 coaching support to diverse employee groups – Inclusion, Belonging, Conflict, Team relationship, Personal Growth, Mobility
  • - Group Coaching – Coaching Circles – Authenticity, Empathy, Branding, Personal BoD, Negotiation, Conflict resolution


  • - Mentoring – Mentor coaching for coaches, career coaching, collaborated with SOLIYA, Junior Achievements (JA) Hong Kong, NGOs etc.


Education & Trainings

  • - NBC-HWC (US National Board )
  • - Behaviour change interventions , UCL
  • - Telehealth Care Coach, ECG, NMSU
  • - Advance Certificate in Life Coaching from University of Hong Kong
  • - HOGAN Advanced Interpretation- psychometric, personality assessments
  • - Functional Health Coach - NBHWC affiliated Kresser Institute – 1 Year (6 months’ practicum)
  • - MBA, Victoria University, Melbourne
$80.00 USD / hour