Tan Nguyen

Tan Nguyen0-5 Years Exp. - Advanced Coach

Melbourne, AU
Executive Coaching, Career Growth & Transition, Business & Entrepreneurship
Executive, Leadership, Changes, Clarity, Coaching
Spoken Languages
English, Vietnamese

Full Bio

In more than 25 years career, Tan has experienced all the challenges, stumbles, and ultimately successes in both the corporate & entrepreneurial world; from working his way up the ladder in global corporate (Nielsen & Coca-Cola) to forming his startup, build, scale and then sell it on to a multinational corporation (Ipsos). Tan ability to quickly identify core issue that facing people and organisation, provoke organisational status-quo, uncover people courage to face challenges has help him build and manage one of the most successful business and developed wonderfull organisation


Tan believes every individual has the ability to maximise their potential whilst also being able to pursue a happy life. And most importantly Tan believes that if everyday we just take a small step towards the right direction, and without looking back, we will travel far.


“the journey of a thousand miles must begin with a simple step – Lao Tsu”


During his time as a board member of Ipsos APAC, Tan was actively involved in building a healthy organisation and conducted extensive leadership training on “vulnerability and trust” for Ipsos directors across countries in APAC. Since 2019, Tan dedicates his time to pursue professional coaching and development education and since have been coaching hundred of professionals across APAC, especially Australia, New Zealand and Vietnam

$120.00 USD / hour