Thiruvengadam Thirumalachari

Thiruvengadam Thirumalachari10+ Years Exp. - Advanced Coach

Bangalore Urban, IN
Executive Coaching, Career Growth & Transition, Business & Entrepreneurship
B2B, Technology, Startup, Coaching The Person, Sounding Board
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Full Bio

I am an ICF-PCC certified coach.  I am also Certified Executive Power Coach from Coaching and Leadership International using their methodology mind-kinetics.  Been coaching for about 10 years now and have over 1800 hours of experience.  My clients are mostly working professionals - from founders of start-up companies; individual contributors, managers, leaders and CXOs.  While the clients engage with me to discuss some specific business goal or a challenge they face, my coaching helps to help view their situation on a bigger picture of their work and life together.  My clients find clarity and creative solutions in every engagement they have with me.  


Previously, I spent over 30 years in technology solutions selling, sales leadership, solution consulting with global companeis such as SAP and provided solutions to over 1000 clients in industrial and automotive manufacturing, textiles, oil and gas, chemicals, pharma, retail, healthcare, education, technology.  Conversant with best practices in corporations around Enterprise Resource Planning, Human Resources  Management, Financials, Customer Relationships, Supplier Relationships.


I help my clients with a blend of Coaching (where I am their thinking partner to find creative solutions).  Where needed the clients engage me to obtain advisory, consulting and mentoring, especially in B2B Sales Excellence. 


I commit to maintaining confidentiality of the client and the situation they discuss.


I have been MD in the past, and with a vast knowledge of various industries to which my companies have provided solutions, I am able to coach from individual contributors to managers and senior executives and CEOs.   As a Charter Member of TiE Global, I mentor and coach several start up company founders.


When coaching a team, the approach I take is:  

  • Invite the sponsor to set objectives
  • Invite the participants to:
  • state the future state - goals and objectives in their terms
  • define the current state
  • define the path towards those goals
  • identify milestones towards those goals
  • visualise any roadblocks, obstacles they see
    1. physical
    2. emotional
    3. intellectual, and
    4. spiritual
  • Group exercise in prioritising organisational level challenges from the long list
  • Group exercise in identifying creative solutions -  here I chose an appropriate method depending on the group dynamics to facilitate the exploration
  • Individual coaching on issues, challenges at their personal level
  • Reconfirmation on the outcome from the session
  • Action plan, commitment, review date
$95.00 USD / hour