Yatish Chandrasekhar

Yatish Chandrasekhar 10+ Years Exp. - Advanced Coach

Bangalore Urban, IN
ICF PCC, Mentor Coach, Coach Educator
Executive Coaching, Business & Entrepreneurship, Life & Fulfilment
Executive Coach, Leadership Coach, Life Coach, Wellness Coach, Coach
Spoken Languages
English, Hindi, Kannada, Telugu

Full Bio

I am a firm believer that "Mind is one's best friend; and one's worst enemy".  I help my clients to cultivate and nourish their ‘inner friend’ towards personal transformation.

I partner with my clients in their journey by helping them clarify their values and purpose; pick meaningful goals; operate from their inherent strengths and remain accountable to achieving their goals.

I blend evidence-based scientific tools and ancient spiritual wisdom in my coaching process.

My coaching style embodies authenticity; curiosity and an empathic presence. I create a safe-space for my clients to share; express; be vulnerable; clarify; explore and set out on life and career destinations that they choose for themselves. 

My clients and audiences walk away with deep reflection; sharp clarity and practical insights that are refreshingly simple, practical and yet creative.


I spent the first half of my 30-year career in conceptualizing; establishing and managing retail brands for family businesses; small & medium enterprises and large corporations in India and abroad. 

Answering a deep inner calling to help others succeed; I transitioned into full-time People Transformation roles in 2008.  

I have since honed and built upon my natural talent for training, facilitation, mentoring, and coaching.

My coaching is inspired by the inexhaustible human spirit; and I help groups and teams harvest their collective wisdom to gain actionable insights.  

I partner with individuals and teams in exploring and achieving life, career and leadership goals that are meaningful for them and the organisations they represent.

$250.00 USD / hour